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Modern Applications Require Modern Testing

Reduce test times by up to 98%, debug any test on the first try, manage flaky tests, and keep master green.

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A Modern Testing Platform

Testing has failed to keep up with the fundamental shift in how we build applications. Scope introduces an entirely new way to view, understand, and manage your tests.

We deserve better than log dumps in browsers and XML.

Production-Level Visibility Tailor Made for CI

Debug any test, no matter how complex it may be. Scope provides a unified debugging platform that includes traces, structured logs, exceptions, and Code Path (per-test code coverage).

Production-level visibility without having to reproduce any failures.

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Flaky Test Management

Scope automatically identifies flaky tests across commits, allows for easy triage by tracking the flaky rate of your tests, and makes remediation simple.

Flaky tests are frustrating and time-consuming to deal with, cause frequent bottlenecks in pipelines, and lead to a loss of trust in the test suite.

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Intelligent Test Runner

Reduce time spent testing by up to 98%

By cross-referencing the Code Path (per-test code coverage) of a test and the code diff introduced by a commit or PR, our test runner will run only the relevant subset of tests affected by code changes.

Spend less time waiting, eliminate bottlenecks, and significantly reduce CI costs.

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Surface the pre-production metrics that actually matter. Track how often your team breaks master (MTBF) and how long it takes to repair (MTTR).

See trends in flakiness, time spent testing, performance regressions, and much more.

Deliver More Perfect Software

Simple to set up. Simple to use. Start building better, more resilient software experiences. Scope automatically instruments client libraries and testing frameworks for maximum visibility and debug-ability.

Add our agent as a dependency to your Maven or Gradle project. For example, in your pom.xml:


Then, configure a Maven plugin or Gradle task to use our agent (see how in our documentation).

Finally, set the Scope DSN as an environment variable:


After this, you can run your tests as you normally do. For example, with Maven:

mvn clean verify

For more information you may refer to our documentation.

Works Where You Work

GitHub Integration

Scope fully integrates with your GitHub workflow. Setup is easy with GH Actions, get feedback right within GitHub through GH Checks and comments in PRs, and open context-rich issues directly from Scope.

GH Actions

Mac & Windows

Bring the power of Scope to your desktop with native apps and keep test results separate between local development and CI.


Slack & Email Notifications

Receive actionable and detailed alerts whenever a branch you're watching breaks. See a breakdown of failing and flaky tests with deep links to the reports required to debug.


Works Across All CIs

Scope works with any CI provider and can support organizations using multiple CIs.

Azure Pipelines